Sunday, 12 July 2009

As Mr Spock would say.......highly illogical!

Well it seems that the Prime Ministers recent statement that he will "reform social housing allocation - enabling local authorities to give more priority to local people whose names have been on waiting lists for far too long" is a knee jerk reaction to the recent local and European elections. By the Prime Minister saying that local people need greater preference merely feeds into the urban myth that somehow certain people are able to jump to the head of the housing list.
Having worked in housing for many years I have found that what people consider to be council housing is actually accommodation that is temporary accommodation given to homeless people. Of course many of the population at large fail to realise that people may be in temporary accommodation for many many years. I know of a few families who have been in temporary accommodation for over ten years!

Whilst I'm mentioning this issue I do need to point out the Equality and Human Rights Commission report that migrants do not get council housing ahead of anyone else.So where is the Prime Ministers evidence that local people are somehow being treated poorly?

So it looks like the truth no longer matters. So what if the public have a misconception about something, rather than challenge it it would appear that policy will guided by what the masses believe rather that the truth.